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Title Location Date
Forklift Driver
Forklift Driver Hohhot, CN 03-Apr-2021
Hohhot, CN 03-Apr-2021
Shift Maintenance Engineer
Shift Maintenance Engineer Lobnya, RU 03-Apr-2021
Lobnya, RU 03-Apr-2021
Service Engineer C 1
Service Engineer C 1 Houten, Netherlands 30-Mar-2021
Houten, Netherlands 30-Mar-2021
Planning Executive
Planning Executive Gotemba, JP 25-Mar-2021
Gotemba, JP 25-Mar-2021
Purchasing Specialist
Purchasing Specialist Kunshan, CN 11-Apr-2021
Kunshan, CN 11-Apr-2021
Maintenance Coordinator
Maintenance Coordinator Lobnya, RU 14-Apr-2021
Lobnya, RU 14-Apr-2021
Production Engineer
Production Engineer Hohhot, CN 11-Apr-2021
Hohhot, CN 11-Apr-2021
Business Controller
Business Controller Sezzadio, IT 11-Apr-2021
Sezzadio, IT 11-Apr-2021
Laminating Production Technician
Laminating Production Technician Binh Duong, VN 12-Apr-2021
Binh Duong, VN 12-Apr-2021
Finishing Production Technician
Finishing Production Technician Binh Duong, VN 08-Apr-2021
Binh Duong, VN 08-Apr-2021
Pre-project Engineer B
Pre-project Engineer B Beijing, CN 14-Apr-2021
Beijing, CN 14-Apr-2021
Process Engineer B
Process Engineer B Xian, CN 14-Apr-2021
Xian, CN 14-Apr-2021
Process Engineer B
Process Engineer B Xian, CN 19-Apr-2021
Xian, CN 19-Apr-2021
Platemaking Technican
Platemaking Technican Querétaro, QUE, MX 09-Apr-2021
Querétaro, QUE, MX 09-Apr-2021
Processing Account Manager
Processing Account Manager El Bosque, CL 13-Apr-2021
El Bosque, CL 13-Apr-2021
Project Manager
Project Manager Tokyo, JP 03-Apr-2021
Tokyo, JP 03-Apr-2021
Communications Manager
Communications Manager Tokyo, JP 14-Apr-2021
Tokyo, JP 14-Apr-2021
Project Assistant
Project Assistant Shanghai, CN 15-Apr-2021
Shanghai, CN 15-Apr-2021
Software Test Engineer
Software Test Engineer Shanghai, CN 31-Mar-2021
Shanghai, CN 31-Mar-2021
Field Service Engineer Suwa
Field Service Engineer Suwa Suwa, JP 15-Apr-2021
Suwa, JP 15-Apr-2021
Commissioning Engineer
Commissioning Engineer Kunshan, CN 15-Apr-2021
Kunshan, CN 15-Apr-2021
Production Engineer
Production Engineer Beijing, CN 24-Mar-2021
Beijing, CN 24-Mar-2021
Mechanical Project Engineer
Mechanical Project Engineer Kunshan, CN 08-Apr-2021
Kunshan, CN 08-Apr-2021
Plastic Injection Process Engineer
Plastic Injection Process Engineer Mexicali, BCN, MX 26-Mar-2021
Mexicali, BCN, MX 26-Mar-2021
Operational Purchaser
Operational Purchaser Panama City, PA 01-Apr-2021
Panama City, PA 01-Apr-2021