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Automation Engineer B

Date: 09-Jul-2019

Location: Xian, CN

Company: Tetra Pak

Main Purpose of the Job
The owners of the jobs are newly graduates engineers who works under immediate supervision, receive instructions, guidance and directions from others. deliver using established procedures, and use existing procedure to solve routine or standard problemsthe owners of the job have a little evaluation and receive instructions, guidance and direction from the others
Key Outputs and Measurements
The success of the key output can be measured by the following performance indicators:
- Projects Tollgate with quality on time (PD, TD, PLC)
- Customer satisfaction
- Line performances
- Issue resolution handling time
- Cost of poor quality 
Key Relationships
The job requires to build a Tetra Pak Internal  network  to secure quality and align on best practice The level and the nature of the interactions can vary according to the stakeholders and their level of influence, and the type of issue/activity/project
Critical Experience

No experience, need to further develop competence by performing structured work assignements and to build knowledge of the organisation, processes and customers. Knows fundamental concepts, practices and procedures as theoretical knowledge and still requires formal training related to the following skills areas:   - Motion and Control - HMI - Electrical Design - Plant Integration - System Infrastructure - Line Control  - Line Integration
Experience in PLC PC based, Knowledge of object oriented languages (i.e. C++, Visual Basic...), Knowledge of Data Base Technlogy, Knowledge of distributed application (Internet of Things)

Minimum Education
University Master Degree or equivalent
Key Responsibilities

1. Research and elaborate complete new architecture automation solution to meet given specificationsto achieve highest possible standards at lowest cost (Participate).

2. Calculate, simulate, analyze and prove design before manufacture and testing (Lead).

3. Design, document and release within specified areas according to legal requirements and corporatestandards (Participate).

4. Revise and update designs and documents after testing according to preformed test reports (Decide).

5. Create time schedules and cost estimations (Participate).

6. Design automation solutions according to legal demands, corporate standards and product specification internally and in partnership with suppliers, specialist, and consultants (Participate).

7. Research of commercial components, selection and introduction (Lead).

8. Define and revise test specification (Lead). Execute test, validate and document software/hardware applications (Lead). Promote ideas and methods to which shall be given patent protections if possible (Lead). Collaborate with technical editors to create and revise technical manuals (Lead). Select suppliers and specialist for development activities (Participate).


Experience in PLC - PC based, Knowledge of object oriented languages (i.e. C++, Visual Basic...), Knowledge of Data Base Technology, Knowledge of distributed application (Internet of Things) are critical in the Digitalisation framework . The automation engineers shall have competences to design automation of equipments, as well as information technology, due to the fact all new technologies are based on Data Base, Internet, mobile devices, applications running on PC

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