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Production Operator

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Date: 24-Jan-2023

Location: Hohhot, CN

Company: Tetra Pak

Short Description


  • 成为自主维护团队的一员。
  • 按照标准操作设备,主要是注塑机、自动化封口机等。
  • 与其他部门协调,支持所有相关活动。
  • 根据质量控制计划进行产品质量检查。
  • 机器所有者对生产线性能的责任(EE,浪费和索赔)
  • 参与所有其他需要的支柱活动。
  • 根据问题解决工具(如4M和5why)与生产主管一起分析机器问题的可能原因。
  • 向生产主管汇报生产线的表现。
  • 根据需要完成所有其他任务。
  • 保持现场5S。

Job Summary

To produce as per given methods learning WCM methods and Quality parametersAcquire the skills to maintain the machines as per AM

What you will do

1. Follow production safety rules2. Work according to existing procedures/ Standards3. Execute basic AM (Autonomous Maintenance) operations  CIL (Cleaning, Inspection, Lubrication)4. Define anomalies and put tags5. Conduct basic/elementary quality tests6. Create OPls and SOPs

We believe you have

Fresh from techncial school and having no expereince. Basic technical production process knowledge Basic technical skills - to be able pass technical test Attentiveness to be details to identify Quality parameters Ability to learn fast and discipline to follow process  Basic knowledge of MS Office