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Senior OHS Officer_Gotemba Technical Center

Date: 09-Aug-2019

Location: Gotemba, JP

Company: Tetra Pak

Main Purpose of the Job
  1. Provide Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) opinion and advice related to local legal requirements and the implementation of Tetra Pak global OHS policy and procedures.
  2. Provide authorship of policies, procedures, training courses and other OHS documents.
  3. Support the manager on the site/office to ensure compliance to the group OHS policy and associated procedures and to drive continuous improvement towards the Tetra Pak goal of zero accidents and work related ill health. Ensure delivery of the Corporate OHS strategy on their sites. The role will be able to lead a site OHS team and drive change in the majority of OHS subjects without external support.
Key Responsibilities
  1. Organize annual stress check      
  2. Organize fire drill
  3. Establish companywide risk management together with HR Country Representative
  4. Champion occupational health and safety within their business
  5. Preparation of a monthly OHS performance report for presentation to the site Management Team
  6. Provide OHS advice and guidance as required to enable compliance with local legislation and the Tetra Pak Group OHS Policy
  7. Provide on-site support including liaising with the enforcement authorities in the event of a serious accident or enforcement authority action
  8. Establish and maintain OHS procedures and guidance to enable compliance with local legislation and the Tetra Pak Group OHS Policy including a local OHS Policy and legal register and support for the implementation of the Tetra Pak global risk assessment procedure. Advice on the timing of the development & implementation of these procedures will be given by the HR country representative
  9. Establish and maintaining systems to support the site conformance with the Group OHS procedures and local legislation
  10. Maintain a record of OHS incidents and monitor completion of follow up actions
Other Responsibilities
  1. Support and where required establish an OHS incident reporting and investigation procedure in accordance with local legislation and the Tetra Pak procedure for ‘Reporting OHS incidents’.
  2. Establish and deliver an OHS training plan to comply with local legislation and the Tetra Pak Group OHS Policy in order to cover significant risks on site.
  3. As required establish and monitor an OHS inspection program of the Tetra Pak sites covered by this contract. Ensuring compliance with local legislation and the Tetra Pak Group OHS Policy
  4. Conduct OHS inspections of Technical Service or Processing Systems activities at customer sites
  5. As required by Tetra Pak support health and well- being initiatives to ensure compliance with the Tetra Pak Group OHS Policy
  6. Prohibit any activity from continuing that is considered a danger or a significant breach of OHS legislation
  7. Facilitate monthly health and safety committee
Critical Experience
  1. 5 years of working experience in related function
  2. Required local legal certifications Health Supervisor (衛生管理者) and Fire Prevention Manager (防火管理者)
  3. Occupational Health and Safety trainings
  4. Experience to implement regulatory standards in manufacturing area is preferable
  5. Experience to manage security aspects.
  6. Thorough knowledge of local health, safety & environmental regulations.
  7. Demonstrated proficiency in Incident Investigation, Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving.
  8. Good communication skills in both Japanese and English
  9. Interpersonal Savvy
  10. Motivating others
  11. Flexibility

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